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These three ingredients are called medicinal mushroom which have an efficacy to improve metabolism and immunity, thus it is good for patients who are suffering from severe illness.

Composition :
Ganodermae Lucidi Extract (Lingzhi), Grifolae frondosae Extract (Maitake) and Lentini edodi Extract (Shiitake).
How it work :
Ganoderma lucidum contain polysaccharide, such as :
-Contains high content of polysacharrides, i.e.: (1-3) D-Glucan which has carcinostatic effect (inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor).
-Ganoderan B and C, with hypoglycemic effect (reduce blood sugar level).
-Contains ganoderic acid (A,B,C, and D), ganoderal and ganoderol, which inhibit angiotensin converting enzyme as one of the causes of hypertension.
-Contains adenosin, guanosin, and its derivates, which are potential to inhibit platelet aggregation, so it has a function as anti trombotic agent.
-Contains oleic acid and cyclo-octasulphur which has anti-histamin properties, to prevent allergy.
-Contains ganoderic acid T and Z, which is very effective against hepatoma cells, which cause cirrhosis (liver cancer).

A compound called Lentinan in Shiitake does in fact have unique medicinal properties. It stimulates the body's T lymphocytes, specialized white blood cells that play a key role in the immune system's constant battle against invading germs and encroaching cancer cells.

Maitake or Grifola frondosa is a medicinal mushroom used in Japan and has been prized in Japanese herbology for hundreds of years to strengthen the body and improve overall health. Recent research indicates that it is the most potent immunostimulant of all mushrooms. The compounds contained, such as b D-glucan in maitake have the capacity to not only stimulate immune function, but also to inhibit tumor growth.

Uses :
As supplement for tumor and cancer patient.

No sugar, yeast, flavour, colour, preservative, etc. added.

Package :
30 transparent capsules/bottle
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Ganotophyt Food Supplements
Ganotophyt Food Supplements
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