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Region:Ява Западная
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Geographically, the province of West Java is located between 5°50’-7°50 south latitude and 104°48’- 104°48” east longitude.

On the north it is bordered by the west part of the Java Ocean, on the east it is bordered by the province of East Java, to the south is the Indian Ocean, and to the west is the Sunda Strait.

The total area of West Java is 44,354.61 sq km, this includes 48 islands in the Indian Ocean, 4 islands in the Java Ocean, 14 islands in the Banten Bay and 20 islands in the Sunda Strait.

This strategic geographical position benefits West Java in terms of communication and telecommunication.

The northern part of the province is lowland, the southern part is hilly with some small beaches, and the mountainous high land is situated in the central part of the province.

City information : Bogor
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