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Bali Green Sukabumi Stone

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone

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Premium Quality of Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles is not only unique Natural Stone Pool Tiles but also non - slip swimming pool tiles. This natural stone makes your pools very elegant. Use this product for outdoor swimming pool tiles.

Finishing: Honed and Split Face.


Premium Quality Cuttting Tolerance (Callibrated):

- Thickness + / - 1 mm

- Squarring: + / - 1 mm


Available in Cut to Size (mm):

- 100x100

- 100x200

- 150x150

- 200x200

- 300x300 

Thickness: Tiles 10 mm


Why Buy From Stone Depot? :

1. Premium Color Selection: We select the color based on customer needs not only selling cheap product . Instalation problem mostly caused by wrong matterial product selection.

2. Fast Response: Our team is available 24 hour to serve you. Easy communicate by whatsapp

3. Experience: We have 11 years experience in natural stone industry, stone instalation and export so we know what we sell and we understand how to handle the problem



Bali Green Sukabumi Stone (known also as Pedra Hijau Verde) is a exotic natural quartz stone in the swimming pool tiles market in the world. Bali Green Sukabumi Stone specially used for pool area as a pool tiles. Most luxury villas in the world such as Bali, Hawai, Phuket, Sanya, Haikou, Maldives, Rio De Jainero and other part of the world using Bali Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde).


Bali Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) is the one of world premium class of natural stone since its has very unique green color and this stone only can found in Indonesia.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) also can be used as a decorative stone outside the pool area for example Green Sukabumi Stone split face can be added in the small pool which is combine with the main pool. The green color makes the combination looks perfect as the green color describe a fresh nature of life who can bring more good life.

Applications: Pool tiles, wall cladding, water features
Unit: m2
Origin: Indonesia
Usage: Exterior


Size (mm)


Sawn Cut & Honed

300x300x20, 200x400x20


100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10



Pool Tiles


300x300x10 with 20×20, 50×50 and 25×25 strips


Split Face

100x100x30, 100x200x30, 150x150x30, 200x200x30, 200×400

Cut to Size

Green Sukabumi Stone (pedra hijau verde) also unique natural stone that has natural advantages as a natural purify agent for the pool water as inside this matterial has natural compound who can purify the water. Its named zeolite.

Herewith some substance which is contains in green sukabumi stone according the labolatory test:
SiO2 : 66.68% ……………. . Al2O3 : 12.26%
Fe2O3 : 1.81% ……………. CaO : 4.25%
MgO : 1.05% ……………. . Na2O: 2.46%
K2O : 2.66% ……………. TiO2 : 0.19%
MnO2 : 0.06% ……………. P2O5 : 0.06%
H2O : 1.18%
pH : 7.5
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) : 138.40 meq %

Natural Density: 2,200 Kgs/M3
Water Absorbtion: 4.4%
Compressive Strength: 732 Kg/cm3

General Color Appearance of Green Sukabumi Stone
Basically the matterial of green sukabumi stone have 2 different color which is in the quarry they mixed in certain layer. Herewith the basic color based of green sukabumi stone :
1. Plain color based
2. Crystal color based



Green sukabumi stone contains zeolite agent which is a good natural filter which is will purify the water also has good performance to sand and carbon filters. Zeolites has highly porous structure less than 4 micron in size which is naturally has capacity to adsorb cations such as heavy metals and ammonium.

Natural Zeolites which is contained in green sukabumi stone also absorb some organic contaminants and undesirable odours. By attracting and increasing bacterial action per unit volume, natural zeolites also act as seed to boost bacterial flocs. Natural Zeolites which is contained in green sukabumi stone are the best ion exchange which is can be remove and recovery heavy metal cations such as Pb, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, Cr.

Herewith some substance which is contains in green sukabumi stone according the labolatory test:


 : 66.68% ……………. . Al2O3 : 12.26%


 : 1.81% ……………. CaO : 4.25%


 : 1.05% ……………. . Na2O: 2.46%


 : 2.66% ……………. TiO2 : 0.19%


 : 0.06% ……………. P2O5 : 0.06%


 : 1.18%


 : 7.5

 Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

 : 138.40 meq %


About Stone Depot:

Stone Depot is the brand of PT D&W Internasional. We are the leading natural stone manufacturer, exporter and landscaping contractor who operated since 2006

We recently receive award from Marketing Magazine after we face 3 stage of selection Marketing Magazine awarded Marketing Award 2016 in category “The Best in International Marketing”. This award is prestigious in Indonesia and usually only big player got this Award such as Astra International, Kalbe Farma, Lippo Group, etc.

We served more than 200 customer around the world which has their own design and passion about natural stone.


PT D&W Internasional


Jl Jend Ahmad Yani (By Pass)

Biz Center Oasis Blok A VII No 9

Kawasan Grage City – Cirebon 45113


t: + 62 231 8802888 f: + 62 231 8491546

e : marketing@dw - corporation. com
PIC. Ms Iga Komala Putri (Mobile. + 62 811 201235) – Also available on whatsapp

 Factory & Warehouse: Ds Lengkong Wetan, Rajagaluh,

Majalengka West Java – INDONESIA



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Bali Green Sukabumi Stone
Bali Green Sukabumi Stone
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